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Wedding + Event Stationery Guide - Pink Champagne Designs

Wedding Stationery tips from Pink Champagne Designs!

We are always so excited when we get to partner alongside incredible businesses whose hard work and efforts help make wedding days and special events come to life!

This week, we are thrilled to be featuring Pink Champagne Designs and all of their tips when it comes to wedding and event stationery! Pink Champagne Designs is a professional boutique graphic design company, focusing on creating fresh, yet timeless, designs with a personable, stress-free approach at the highest level of client care.

They specialize in wedding invitations and coordinating day-of stationery, party and event invitations, branding and logos, corporate events, and general small business graphic design support.

They have graciously shared their insight and expertise and we are so excited to share it all with you!

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts that Pink Champagne Designs shared with us. We believe that these are extremely beneficial and will help you during your planning process!

DO'S -

  • Do- Compare our custom invitation design process and our online shop to see which route is the best for you! The predesigned suites on our online shop can be customized with colors, fonts and accessories and are more budget-friendly. With a custom design, it’s more hands-on, custom experience to create something completely unique to your wedding.

  • Do- Remember to order your invitation count for each household, not each guest. This is easy to forget in the early stages of planning.

  • Do- Order samples from us to compare printing methods and paper weights if you’re not sure what you love. Seeing physical samples makes the decision a lot easier!

  • Do- Let us take care of printing your guest addressing. Our proofing process is so easy and this will save time, stress, and even some hand cramping.

  • Do- Stick with the same stationer for save the dates, invitations and day-of stationery. This will help keep your design vision cohesive and provide your guests with a well thought-out experience.

  • Do- Brainstorm day-of stationery ideas with your planner. Once you have an idea of what will make your day extra special, let us know and we’ll help you bring the designs to life!


  • Don’t- Wait too long to book with a custom invitation design company. The design and production process can take a few months and you don’t want to have to rush- especially with the supply chain issues we are all experiencing. (See our timeline graphic and blog post for more info!)

  • Don’t- Be the only one to look over your proofs. As designers with years of experience, we know that one set of eyes doesn’t always catch everything. We do our best to help but it’s up to you to know your ceremony time and name spellings.

  • Don’t- Stress about etiquette- It’s our job to know the ins and outs and give the best advice. Did you know that wording on the invitation changes based on whether or not you’re getting married in a church and who’s hosting? No worries! We can handle it all.

Along with these helpful Do's and Don'ts, here is a wedding stationary timeline that is extremely insightful while in the planning process!

We are so thankful for all of the great words, tips, advice, encouragement and practical ways to plan from Pink Champagne Designs. The girls at ACH Events love this business, and we encourage you to visit their socials listed below!

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