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The Benevo Experience




With caring hearts, giving hands, and a passion for supporting others, our core mission is to bring joy to the masses through uplifting experiences. While no two solutions we craft are the same, we believe joy lies at the center of each successful event and aim to create a joyful guest experience.

From planning to execution, we combine our personal approach, extensive expertise, creative problem solving, and artistic eye to craft a positive, stress-free client process. Our goal is to craft memorable, encompassing atmospheres tailored to each clients’ unique style and story – ultimately creating artistically crafted, immersive opportunities that inspire all to engage.

In a divided world, we find strength in unity and believe in the simple beauty of human to human connection – which is why our approach is highly personalized, collaboration focused, and relational centered. From corporate events to wedding celebrations, our primary goal is to create connective experiences that beautifully bring people together

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No two events are the same, and here at Benevo events we thrive in creating unique luxury experiences for our clients and their guests that will create lasting memories from beautiful moments. Starting from your inquiry, Benevo provides an all-inclusive custom experience curating an intimate planning process that matches directly with your events needs.  

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in vision and execution

with community and loved ones

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The women behind the Benevo brand believe that an event is so much more than a party. Events are gatherings of loved ones, trusted friends, and colleagues to share in joy and experiences. The Beveno team will work with you from the idealization of your event concept through execution to ensure that even the smallest details are a reflection of you.

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