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Behind the brand

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Created from an artistic shortening of the word ‘benevolent’ – meaning the desire to do good, help others, and express goodwill – Benevo beautifully embodies our core mission to bring joy to the masses through uplifting experiences planned to unite.

Brand words 




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In a divided world, we find strength in unity and believe in the simple beauty of human to human connection – which is why our approach is highly personalized, collaboration focused, and relational centered. From corporate events to wedding celebrations, our primary goal is to create connective experiences that beautifully bring people together.


a friend


" You only get one life to live, but if you plan it right, once is enough. Throw the party, celebrate love, raise money for a good cause. Do it all and have fun doing it! ” 

Planning Style
I believe that gathering a group of people should be an experience, one that is well-imagined, planned with enjoyment, and perfectly executed logistically. You can be a host or you can create an experience, and I choose the latter! 

Things I Love
I love listening to live music, going to see broadway shows, traveling the world, sitting on the beach reading a book, playing catch with my husband and son, loving on my doggy, drinking espresso martinis, eating brunch with friends, and I really love to bring joy to others. Planning and designing events allows me to create an experience for a group of people to kick back, have fun, and truly enjoy themselves. I love that I found a job that brings details, design, experience, and joy all together - it’s a dream job. 


"I believe in creating lasting memories out of moments with the ones you love the most. Events should be a reflection of you and your story told perfectly."

Planning Style
Genuine, personal, imaginative and fun! These are the words that craft my planning style, whether it’s a conversation over a cup of coffee or a margarita, I strive to find the things that make you, you, and to create an event that is a direct representation of those things. The little details matter, and I am here to be your event planning best friend! 

Things I Love
Event planning was written into my DNA from the beginning, I thrive in bringing peoples visions to life while also creating personable bonds with all my clients. Being your event planner is an intimate role and one that I truly cherish. You’ll find me crafting designs, and coming up with new ideas while snuggled up with my pups on the couch with a glass of wine. When I am not even planning, I am traveling, reading and exploring the cultures and world around me, gathering inspiration for your next big event. 


"An event should be a party, not a performance. At the end of the day if you walk away married to the one you love, or have left with a full heart,  then everything went perfectly."

Planning Style
My approach is to start with the feelings you want yourself and your guests
to walk away with and then work backwards to create an event that is special to you. I believe in personal branding to showcase who you are by bringing your vision to life and curating your thoughts and feelings from your head and heart to showcase it through design and a fun time.

Things I Love
Planning events truly brings me peace, I am most calm and creative when planning and it allows me to help take the stress off your plate to guide and support you along the way.
 I love to create an experience where we walk away as friends for years to come. When I am not planning, you can find me by the lake with a margarita in my hand. I live for a hot Texas day by the water, or traveling to beaches around the world with good company. I try to bring people together as often as possible! 

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"I truly believe that everything happens for a reason… and that includes finding the perfect wedding planner for your special day! Finding someone that you trust from the start is always a great sign that it’s a perfect match, and I hope to make that match with you!” 

Planning Style
Building meaningful relationships is one of my biggest passions. Connecting with your planner is a crucial component to ensure a smooth planning process that allows the vision to be flawlessly executed. 

Things I Love
When I’m not planning or working an event you’ll find me cooking or baking new recipes at home, attending a hot yoga class, or reading a good book at a local coffee shop!

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"Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now"

Working Style
Social media is something that brings all of us together! Through different cities, states, and countries - social media is a platform that connects us all. Sharing our intimate, fun, and special moments that we get to create throughout the year is something I love to do! Showcasing different couples best days, to corporate events most memorable days, I have a heart for sharing the moments that make such great memories for our team and our clients! 

Things I Love
I love people! I love laughing with, making memories with, and doing life with people! You can find me cracking jokes and having a good time with the people who mean most to me. But you can also find me getting to know new people, hearing their stories, and making connections with them! I believe that we were made to do life together, and I love doing it next to some of the best people in the world! 

The Benevo Events Team 

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